Hi! I’m glad you’re here. Put on some music. (I like all kinds.

Especially classic rock.) Crank it up, and look around!

Nov. 5, 2022 The King Family Library Local Authors Showcase!

I hope you will come and join me and a room full of local authors for the King Family Library’s 2022 Local Authors Showcase happening Saturday, November 5 from 10:00-1:00. I will be there with my middle grade novels set in Pigeon Forge, Blues Bones and Blues Bones Book Two: At the Crossroads. There will be authors of books for all ages. Meet and talk to the authors! You can even purchase an autographed/ personalized book to add to your collection. The best part is that the event is FREE! Located at the King Family Library, 408 High Street, Sevierville, TN  37862 ph.865-453-3532. @SevierCountyPublicLibrarySystem

You can also meet J. Kasper Kramer, author of the acclaimed novels “The Story that Cannot be Told” and “The List of Unspeakable Fears.” She will conduct an Aspiring Author Session from 1:30-2:30. Come see us!

2022 Nov 4&5 Local Author Showcase Flyer (2)

Come see us!

Are you tired of being stuck at home? You are staying home, right? I thought so. Because of all the things we can’t do, I’ve decided to share some of my games with you and the world! Have fun creating them, and then, have fun playing them.

Stay safe!

Have Fun!https://rickstarkey.com/downloadsgamesfun-stuff/


Free literary festival Saturday February 22,
9:00am to 4:00pm! Children’s authors will be there too!
Come visit and chat with authors, attend presentations, and buy books!

Smoky Mountain Children’s Writers.
Donna L Martin, Rick Starkey, Debbie Dadey, and Rinda Beach.

How about a little Christmas sing along!

Some of you know that my wife and I own Make It Magic, a magic shop in Gatlinburg TN. Here is a magical Christmas wish for everyone.

Thirteen-year-old Rodney Becker has discovered the secret of playing every song in the world. Hoodoo!

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Rodney’s dream of joining a real band has come true, and the bandleader has already booked their first gig—her cousin’s birthday party. Now, Rodney has a week to learn the most difficult guitar part ever for the birthday girl’s favorite song. Failure could mean his rival, Eddie Manford, taking his place.

Rodney has dabbled with spells before, and he knows there can be consequences. Like losing his voice after trying a spell to help him sing, and a car accident that may take someone’s life. Rodney’s search for a magical fix leads him to a crossroads at midnight, waiting for a man to tune his guitar. Some say the man who shows up will be the devil—coming for Rodney’s soul!

Can Rodney afford to pay the price?

Blues Bones by Rick Starkey


Look for At The Crossroads July 26th!

Book two banner

Many have been asking about Blues Bones Book II. Well, It’s on its way! Leap Books is looking at a release date of July26, 2019.

At The Crossroads – Blues Bones Book II starts the day after book one ends. Rodney is going to his first practice session with a real band. Rodney knows how to play guitar, but can he learn to play a special song in time for their first gig – a girl’s fourteenth birthday party? In book one, a midnight visit to a graveyard with a dead guitar player’s finger bone may have cured Rodney’s stage fright. He never thought he would need another spell. What harm could a midnight visit to a crossroads do? Find out in At the Crossroads – Blues Bones Book II.

At the Crossroads: Blues Bones Book Two should release in summer of 2019 from Leap Books!

Blues Bones Book One is available wherever books are online! Or you can order from you favorite bookstore.

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Get a personalized copy directly from Rick at the magic shop.

Make It Magic Gatlinburg TN

Blues Bones at Make It Magic!

Thirteen-year-old Rodney Becker has found the perfect cure for stage fright. Voodoo!

Armed with the stolen finger bones of a dead blues guitar player and a mishmash of voodoo spells from the Internet, he and his best friend enter a graveyard at midnight to perform their ritual. Now, all that stands in his way of winning a local guitar competition is the power of RETURN – a side effect of the voodoo that spells disaster for Rodney.

His cure has become a curse. How else can he explain jamming his finger so bad he can’t hold a guitar pick, his part-time dad stealing his guitar, and his mom getting into an accident that could have taken her life?

How much is Rodney willing to risk to achieve his dream of being a guitar legend?