What to do with all those  leftovers?  Throw some out, freeze some, and re-heat others.

It’s getting close to the end of the year.  I have been revising some finished pieces.  Now I am going to look over some of my leftover ideas, bits and pieces to see which ones I want to re-heat and try to develop, and which ones to keep frozen.  I never throw any thing out.

Guess this is my last Monday post of the year so:

Happy New Year!

10 Comments on “Leftovers!

  1. Well of course we’re going to eat our actual food leftovers. As for writing leftovers, I’m going to take a serious look at what I have and see what I can use and what I can’t.

    • Yeah, I like to eat all the food leftovers. When family would ask what I was bringing to the get-togethers, I would tell them, Tupperwear (sp?)containers, to get the leftovers.

      I hope you find a use for all your leftovers in writing.

  2. Rick,
    You have a great play on words. Leftovers, indeed! We had a feast, but unfortunately, some of our guests couldn’t come at the very last minute…ER type emergencies, so of course all is forgiven. But the “leftovers” would feed an army.

    As to leftovers from this past year’s writings, oh my, I have a lot. Time to rework, reheat, freeze for a while, or just throw away.

    A very Happy New Year to you, and may all your writings find homes so nothing will be left over for 2013!

    • Sorry to hear about the family emergency. Hope all is okay.

      Hope your leftovers in writing find a home too. Thanks.

      Happy New Year.

  3. Hi Rick. Love the post. Unlike some of you, we have used all our leftovers up already. We cooked just enough, with only a little meat and some dessert leftover. It is already used, so no wastage there.

    Regarding writing leftovers, I have plenty of those. Ideas all go in a folder. Partly done stories are in their own folders. I am planning on tackling as many of my stories and ideas as I can in 2012.

    Thanks for the inspiration Rick.

  4. Cute post. I hate waste. I try to use everything I can. Last year, my goal was to go through my unfinished stories and complete as many as possible. I did make some progress there before I got sidetracked by my novel. Perhaps I will continue making good on the leftovers throughout the new year. Glad you got my thinking about this again.

    • Congratulations on the novel. Sometimes the leftovers are good to work with in between larger, or more focused projects.

      Good luck with the novel, and the new year.

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