Rick Starkey

I’m Moving My Blog!

Hi all, hope you will follow me to my new blog on Blogger.  Looks like most of you all use it any way.  I have been having trouble posting to most of the sites using my Word Press… Read More


Okay, you’ve written, revised, rewritten, revised again.  Let it rest.  You read it, revise it. Let it rest.  You…. Okay, so, how do you know when you are finished?  

Comfort Zone – Stepping Out

How do you feel when you are out of your comfort zone? “Well, duh, Rick,” you are probably saying.  “Uncomfortable.” I have been teaching a basic songwriting course for the past three years at a local community college. … Read More

A whole new year to write!

Happy New Year! Been looking forward to a new year of writing. A lot of people talk about a New Year’s Resolution, I like the easy ones. I will 12 chances to keep mine. My New Year’s Resolution… Read More