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Why I learned Finger Tapping on guitar

“You have so many books about writing, you should be a writer,” my wife said one day when we were moving one of my bookshelves. That one line revived my interest in writing. That’s the day I decided to get serious about my writing. I’ve been serious ever since.

What incident inspired you to become serious about writing?

Reviving the blog on this site. What do you like to see in a blog post?

Do you see me?

Testing my WordPress again. It’s been a while, so just wondering if anyone sees this.

Win a free edit – Day 2

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Revision Week Win at Dear Editor

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Still going!

I am still at my other Blog spot: http://rjstarkey.blogspot.com

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I’m Moving My Blog!

Hi all, hope you will follow me to my new blog on Blogger.  Looks like most of you all use it any way.  I have been having trouble posting to most of the sites using my Word Press account and the open Id.  Some said that using Google Chrome would help, but it has not. So I am now learning how to use Blog spot.  I actually started both accounts at the same time, but just went with Word Press.

Hope you all will continue with me there.

Here it is:  http://rjstarkey.blogspot.com/

Thanks, hope to see you there.

If you would like, reply over there to let me know you are still with me.


Okay, you’ve written, revised, rewritten, revised again.  Let it rest.  You read it, revise it. Let it rest.  You….

Okay, so, how do you know when you are finished?


Comfort Zone – Stepping Out

How do you feel when you are out of your comfort zone?

“Well, duh, Rick,” you are probably saying.  “Uncomfortable.”

I have been teaching a basic songwriting course for the past three years at a local community college.  The program runs for six weeks, on Saturdays, in January and February.  It is a program for talented and gifted children from the surrounding counties.  They offer a variety of classes for the children choose.  My wife even teaches a magic class.  It is so amazing the amount of talent these kids have.  They are grades five through eight.

I am comfortable with my course, I wrote it.  About a week ago, the director called and ask if I would take over another class called Got Talent: Music.  Not sure what happened, but the original instructor will not be presenting this class this year.  I am to teach it for one session which is two Saturdays.  After looking over his program material, I told the director that I would do the class, but would change, and add some stuff because the original material looked boring.  She agreed to the changes so now I am ready.  Yes, I am ready for the two sessions of my regular course, but I am excited, and a little nervous about the new one.

I think it is a good feeling to be outside of our comfort zone, sometimes.  It lets me know I am alive, and keeps my mind active.

When was the last time you were out of your comfort zone?  How did it go?

A whole new year to write!

Happy New Year! Been looking forward to a new year of writing. A lot of people talk about a New Year’s Resolution, I like the easy ones. I will 12 chances to keep mine. My New Year’s Resolution is to submit at least one short story or article each month. The last month of 2011 I was busy revising , organizing, and getting things ready to go.

Since I am a happy winner of the FIRST PRIZE PICTURE BOOK CRITIQUES in the PiBoIdMo, I have also been busy revising a picture book for it.

Check it out at: http://taralazar.wordpress.com

Again, Happy New Year! Till next Monday, Happy Writing!