Rick Starkey


Learning to blog.

Yep, the best way to learn is to do, so, I’m learning to blog.  Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.




Ok, you get sorta good news from a publisher, but it’s not a sale yet. Do you tell anyone? Does it jinx the deal if you tell. Do you keep quiet? It’s your own little secret.

What do you do?

Ideas are everywhere!

You get ideas while you drive, shower, and work. Or when you try to fall asleep, or just free write. You sit at your desk ready to write and nothing happens.
That’s fine, you say. I’ll check my email. You do. Wow, that’s interesting, you think as you click on a link in a funny email you just opened. The link takes you to some strange web site that gives you an idea. You Google the idea word you thought of. Then you get more ideas from the first idea and you Google a few of them. Now you have a ton of ideas, but still nothing is written on your paper.
Is it writer’s block? Or something worse?
Does this happen to you? How do you handle it?

Rick Starkey

Hi all. Here we go!